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Nursing Tops and Nursing Dresses for discreet breastfeeding
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Nursing Tops and Nursing Dresses for discreet breastfeeding

About Nursing Jewelry


Why Jewelry

4-6 months ~ Your baby is beginning to notice the world around him. Perhaps you have already experienced this as he has begun to look around the room while nursing, often painfully taking your breast with him in tugging angles. The nursing necklace will serve as an activity he can enjoy and learn from while also protecting your breast from his wandering attention.

6-8 months ~ Your baby is getting stronger and no longer gives sweet touches to your face. Now he is grabbing and pulling on your hair and tender skin. This is painful, but he does not realize he is hurting you. He just wants to explore you. Let him explore his nursing necklace instead of your tender skin and hair!

8-12 + ~ Your baby is fast becoming independent, but also still counts on you for stability and routine. Your nursing necklace is now the perfect part of your nursing routine and is a tool for teaching colors and counting.

DOs and DON'Ts of Nursing Jewelry:

Q. Should I allow my baby to pull on the jewelry?

Yes, our nursing jewelry is reinforced with stainless steel wiring and designed to allow for tugs and pulls without endangering your precious skin and hair.

Q. Should I allow my baby to put it in his mouth?

It is expected that children want to put things in their mouths to explore them. Your nursing jewelry is designed to handle the baby "taste test". However, your jewelry is not a teething toy and you should not allow your baby to bite too hard on it. Remember your baby is supposed to be nursing!

Q. My baby loves to play with my necklace, but is it meant to withstand the rigors of play?

Your necklace should be played with during your nursing routine; that is what it is designed for. However, your necklace should only be used under strict adult supervision. For your baby's safety do not allow him to handle the jewelry unless you are awake and watching him. Necklaces do contain small parts and can pose as a strangulation hazard if used improperly. Please keep your necklace out of reach when you are not wearing it.

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Nursing Tops and Nursing Dresses for discreet breastfeeding

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