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Nursing Tops and Nursing Dresses for discreet breastfeeding
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Nursing Tops and Nursing Dresses for discreet breastfeeding

About My Nursingwear

Our store specializes in a fabulous line of modern breastfeeding clothes including nursing tops, dresses and loungewear. Our goal is to help you have the most rewarding breastfeeding experience possible which is why we also carry a wide selection of breastfeeding accessories such as nursing jewelry, breastpumps, nursing pillows, natural breast care products and much more.

Our Mission....

  • We are a mom owned company. All of our products are carefully selected to offer you the utmost in quality and value.
  • Our philosophy is to empower mothers which is why most of our products are made by mothers or by companies owned by mothers.
  • We strongly support natural parenting and believe breastfeeding is the very best, natural start in life for your baby. We aim to provide you with current, valuable information to assist you in nursing your little one.

My Nursingwear Family

What's in a name? The concept for My Nursingwear was born just after my first baby. I was recovering from a c-section delivery and dealing with a sleepy newborn who didn't wake up for a feeding by himself until he was 6 weeks old. In that first 6 weeks I was tired and nursing wasn't easy. In the midst of this, like most new moms I felt I looked worn out, certainly not beautiful. I found myself going through my husband's side of the closet for button shirts that I could open for nursing or worse yet for my maternity clothing that I could lift up with my belly in plain view. But I was determined to breastfeed because it was the best thing for my baby. I just wanted to give my baby the best care and look fabulous at the same time.

I was amazed after my son's birth at how many fashion forward looks there were for maternity, but so little for nursing moms. I knew then that I had to find a way to create a new look for today's modern, stylish moms.

We've created a line of clothing designed to make you look beautiful while you treasure one of the greatest blessings - nursing your little one. Our line is not your mom's nursingwear - it is yours - made modern, chic and beautiful just like you. We hope you enjoy every moment with your nursling and feel beautiful nursing no matter where you go.


Lori Bailie
President, My Nursingwear
mom to 2 wonderful breastfed boys

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Nursing Tops and Nursing Dresses for discreet breastfeeding

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